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US WEEKLY reports:

Christina vs. Tara: Round One?

After sitting ringside at the Shane Mosely-Oscar de la Hoya boxing match in Las Vegas on September 13, Christina Aguilera decided to pick a fight of her own. The lucky contender? Tara Reid, 27. When the 22-year-old pop star sauntered into a Razor magazine after-party at Rumjungle, a source tells Hot Stuff, Aguilera grimaced and let out an "evil snicker" when she saw the actress's mug on the monthly's cover, which had been blown up to poster size. Later, when a waiter approached to take Aguilera's drink order, she sneered, "I'll taje a bottle if you burn that cover of Tara Reid. Burn that poster to the floor."

.... Later on in this magazine they printed an article entitled "Is Christina Stalking Britney?"

Sounds like they have a bone to pick with our little miss Christina.
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